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What to Look Out for in Gutters

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Gutter clogs and buildup are due to lack of gutter cleaning and maintenance. Some of the things that can accumulate in your gutter are leaves, twigs, stagnant water, plant growth, snow and ice. This not only damages your gutters, but can affect your siding, the ground beneath the gutter, and paint. So understand what you need to do to tell if your gutter is clogged and how you can fix that.

Maintain Your Roof for Winter Months

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The winter months bring with them many storms, lots of debris, and many potential dangers. Understand what you need to do to prepare your roof properly for the winter months:

  1. Remove trash and debris: Your roof collects lots of debris, no matter the season. Make your roof safer by doing a pre-winter and post-winter debris pickup. This way, although there will be debris that gathers on your roof during the winter, it won’t be adding to additional debris and potentially causing roof sags, drainage blockage, wet spots, and other winter dangers.

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