DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roofing Replacement

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There are a lot of things in life and around your house that you can do yourself pretty easily with the help of Youtube videos – change your oil, stop a faucet from leaking or maybe even installing a bookshelf. As qualified roofers, we suggest that one area you leave to the professionals is your roof for a number of reasons.



When doing roof repairs or re-roofing there are a number of safety equipment items you will need to buy and may only need to use once. A fall from a roof could cost you more than just a bite out of your wallet. Downtime from work, activities and family time could all happen from a serious fall of 10 feet or more. A simple drop of materials from the top of the home onto your landscaping could lead to costly replacements.


You also have to consider all the individual materials and items you will have to purchase. Professional contractors with a history of doing business can get discounts through major material suppliers that the general public can’t get. Not to mention, you also need to make sure you buy the correct items. Do you want asphalt or wood shingles? Did you know that the City of Colorado Springs banned new wood roofs in 2002 after the Hayman Fire? And then there are the permits that will have to be pulled. Skilled contractors also have the experience with pulling permits to get it done in a timely fashion.


new professional roofing in Colorado Springs Safety:

Even with the proper safety equipment, walking and working on the top of your home can be dangerous work. Professional roofers are trained in the latest safety techniques and equipment.  Eye protection, work gloves, safety ladders with stabilizers and anchors are just some of the safety equipment needed to do the job right.



Kids sporting events, time in the great outdoors or even catching up on your favorite TV shows. Your time is valuable. Installing a new roof properly without the right experience can be a lot of trial and error, which obviously takes up a lot of your time. Generally, a certified, skilled roofing team can have a new roof installed in a single day.

If you’ve been waiting for your tax return to fix your old roof, now is the time and our team is ready to go. Let our expert roofers at Front Range Roofing and Siding give you a FREE estimate on a new roof for your home.

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