What is a Roof Tune-up?

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Have you heard of a roof tune-up?

Because of our constantly changing climate in Colorado Springs there are a ton of things both small and large that can happen to your roof even over a couple of years’ time.  In Southern Colorado our buildings take a beating from strong rains, snow and hail storms.   But don’t worry, that doesn’t always mean you need an entire new roof.  You get your car, bikes and skis tuned-up, so why not your home?  These simple roofing repairs can help extend the lifespan of your current asphalt roof and identify issues before they become costly replacements.

nail pop out from shingle on roof in Colorado SpringsSome but not all of the checks we do during our assessment include examining the caulking & sealing around your vents, pipes, pipe jacks, skylights, chimney, furnace caps and flashing.  We also look for fiberglass showing through your base sheet, loose shingles, bent metal flashing, granular loss, nails popping out of shingles and dry rot.  Our professional tradesmen will also inspect your gutters for dry rot, rust and standing water.  We do a visual inspection for sagging areas where the gutters may be pulling away from your home.  Hangers and spikes can pull away from your house over time. It also might be difficult for you to visually inspect some areas, so we will let you know if we see any clogs that need to be cleaned out.

Front Range Roofing & Siding offers Fall and Spring tune-ups and does not charge for the inspection portion.  We suggest you call us if your roof is over five years old, if you were in an area hit by a hail storm or if you are looking to sell your home.  Our promise is that we will always honestly tell you if no repair is needed.  If we should find anything that needs to be fixed or replaced, we’ll offer $50 off any repair work.

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