What to Look Out for in Gutters

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Gutter clogs and buildup are due to lack of gutter cleaning and maintenance. Some of the things that can accumulate in your gutter are leaves, twigs, stagnant water, plant growth, snow and ice. This not only damages your gutters, but can affect your siding, the ground beneath the gutter, and paint. So understand what you need to do to tell if your gutter is clogged and how you can fix that.

Symptoms of a Clogged Gutter

  • Water is spilling or dripping over the side.
  • Water is not flowing regularly.
  • The earth beneath a gutter is wet.
  • The side of the house underneath the gutter is dirty and wet.
  • The gutters are falling off.

How Do You Unclog Your Gutter?

Here are some simple tips to unclogging your gutter:

  1. You can often remove the gutter and clean it out by hand. If you are not willing to do that, then get a good strong ladder that allows you access to your gutter.
  1. Clean the gutter thoroughly. This often involves taking out all the debris by hand or with an outdoor vacuum cleaner. Throw it away in large garbage bags. Cleaning the gutter might also mean washing it by hand or through a hose.
  1. Reassemble it. Make sure to check all parts of the gutter for cracks and damage. If there are issues with your gutter, call a professional to come and repair it.
  1. Put your gutter back into place.

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  • LGC Roofing


    Another common gutter problem is popped rivets. If your home is protected by aluminum gutters, they’re probably attached to one another by rivets or small screws and further secured with roofing sealant or silicone caulking. As gutters shift and warp due to water weight, wind and age, rivets and screws may pop loose. Caulking also dries out over time, losing its ability to support gutter joints.


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